onision doesn’t end his videos with “So subscribe if you like! Be sure to Like my video and Share it!” like other youtubers. He also on multiple occasions encourages people to unsubscribe if they don’t like what they hear. He does nothing to show he wants attention or is being an attentionwhore, BUT when he posts an unliked opinion all of a sudden he’s called the biggest attentionwhore ever?? Yea, you Onision haters are veeeery smart.
He’s not asking for any attention, all of you are willfully giving it to him when you don’t like something you hear.

Naked male on magazine
•Females:”Hot and sexxy!”
Naked female on magazine
•Males:”Hot and sexxy!”
•Females:”Wtf they’re making us be seen as just sex objects!”
See what I’m saying? Females are the ones who spread the idea of the female sex object. Maybe if you just stay quiet, everyone else would stop seeing you as sex objects as opposed to you giving them the idea that that’s what you are.